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About the shop


Welcome to our shop

Studio.Supplies has been producing quality rack ears and refurbishing synthesizer parts since the early 2010s. We started out because of our love for synthesizers, sound modules and samplers. Our goal is to help the synth community keep these music making machines alive and in use for as long as possible.


We are based in Bangkok, Thailand and we design and manufacture all of our rack ears in-house. From the design process, material sourcing, CNC machining/Laser cutting to powder coating and anodizing, everything is done right here. We can monitor quality from start to finish and make any necessary changes right away.


Unlike others who came after us, we make it a point to own every synthesizer, sound module, sampler and effects unit that we make parts for. So everything can be tested before being shipped to our customers. Our business model is to deliver quality parts directly to the customer. Over the years we’ve earned a reputation for prompt shipping, excellent customer service and product durability.